What We Do

Hon’s Construction, Inc offers a wide range of services at extremely competitive prices and we work hard to reach our client’s expectations. Our projects ranges from small residential and commercial renovations to restaurants and seismic retrofitting, and even public and insurance claims work.  Your project is in good hands with us; we strive to provide the satisfaction every client deserves.

Our Services


New Constructions

HCI has been bringing spectacular construction work to the San Francisco Area for over three decades.  We give the guidance to our clients for a start to finish job.  Let us walk you through your new constructions!


Seismic Retrofitting

A seismic retrofit can be performed on various buildings to help enhance the structural support from seismic activities (earthquakes).  Living in an earthquake prone city, it is important that you keep your family and home safe from these disasters.


Home additions; Vertical and Horizontal

Have plans of adding a new bedroom, bathroom, home office, or a second level to your building? Hons Construction Inc can provide these home additions for you! We will design and build your home additions to your needs and budget.


Commercial and Residential Remodeling

We work on projects which range from small bathroom renovations in residential homes to large commercial building renovations, which involves both structural and architectural work.


Fire Restoration and Clean Up

If your home has been damage by fire or smoke, you need to repair it immediately to minimize further damage to your property.  At Hons Construction, we provide full fire restoration service to restore your beloved home back to its pre-fire conditions.


Insurance Claim Work

At HCI, we understand the stress in dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster at your property.  We respond fast to our clients and we ensure that all the work is dealt in the most direct and beneficial way.



Designing your restaurant is crucial in creating a loving place for your customers. Everything tastes better when the environment around you makes you feel comfortable and looks amazing. We will work with you from the beginning phases until food is being served from the restaurant’s kitchen to your hungry customers.


Public Works

Hons Construction Inc is involved in the Bay Area’s public works, which includes airport projects, construction of roads and infrastructures, community centers, and more.  We are happy to be able to serve back to our local community.

Scope of Work

The general scope of work for our projects include:

Structural Members (Wood, Steel, Engineered Wood Members)




Form Work for Concrete

Concrete Placement

Metal and Wood Framing

Steel Fabrication


Steel Erection

Structural Welding Requiring Certification & Special Inspection


Special Connections (Simpson or Custom)

Framing (Wood or Steel)



Custom Metal Work

Project Management

Drywall Including Mudd Tap and Sand


Brick Tie-In to Existing or New Structural





Vertical and Horizontal Additions

Molding and Trim Work